NABR involved with Archaeology On the Riverfront

UPDATE: For more info on archaeology issues at the Sugarhouse site, read this.

The Delaware Riverfront is one of the most historic parts of Philadelphia. The river was the lifeblood of the city and native Americans developed settlements here. Early European Settlers also had a presence. And of course William Penn and others grew Philadelphia from the river westward. Archaeology is our window into the past.

At the proposed Sugarhouse site, the casino developers are pursuing a permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to fill in part of the river and otherwise affect the environment. As part of this process, the casino is obligated to investigate the potential for the site to have archaeological resources. Much has been done so far and you can review most of the investigative work at the Hallwatch website, here: Sugarhouse Archaeological Survey, and here: Sugarhouse Phase 1B Report. Thanks to our attorney Paul Boni for obtaining these materials through the Freedom of Information Act.

NABR has petitioned the Army Corps for NABR to be designated as a “Consulting Party,” which gives us the ability to have some input into the investigation. To pursue our interests, we’ve undertaken to obtain outside advice about the investigation. You can see the report we obtained here: Archaeologist Memo. We’ll keep you posted on these matters. Meanwhile, feel free to contact us if you have any ideas about how best we can be involved.