City Hall Must Amend the Waterfront Zoning Overlay

This is a request to all of NABR’s supporters to help us advocate for good waterfront development. NABR has been working through the Central Delaware Advisory Group (CDAG) to add essential amendments to Councilman DiCicco's interim zoning overlay legislation for the Central Delaware. This is the legislation that will regulate development and public access along the river until the Master Plan is in place. We are particularly advocating for:

  • A 100' setback from the edge of the river.
  • Many points of public access to the river and a riverfront trail that's open 24/7.
  • The draft legislation contains a list of prohibited uses. We want gaming facilities, payday lenders and gun shops added to the list.
  • Requiring archeological and historical surveys to be completed for all parcels to protect the history of the waterfront.

NABR submitted these requests to the Planning Commission and to Councilman Frank DiCicco's office for consideration in
this letter
as the details of this legislation are worked out. We encourage concerned NABR members to let Councilman DiCicco as well as Deputy Mayor Altman and Planning Commission director Alan Greenberger hear from you. Please click here to tell them you support these amendments to the overlay.

Finally, City Council will consider amendments to this legislation on June 3rd in a public Rules Committee hearing (Wednesday, June 3, 2009, at 10am in Room 400, City Hall). Please make every effort to come out and show your support for these amendments!

Thank you for your support.

UPDATE: Please see Councilman DiCicco's response to our letter.