Delaware Waterfront News - Week of Feb. 8

Feb. 6, 2010
By Kellie Patrick Gates
For PlanPhilly

A Foxwoods attorney told an impatient Gaming Control Board last month that
by Feb. 5, he expected his client to have reached a tentative agreement with
a prospective new investor, and that the document attesting to that would be
delivered to the gaming board's enforcement arm for a review.

So has that happened?....

Delaware River Waterfront Corporation Releases Year One Report

Today, the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation (DRWC) held its first

Delaware Waterfront News - Week of Jan. 25

Plan of Development for Central Delaware Riverfront Overlay District- There was only one problem…. Nobody else has been able to review them (see attached)

Jan. 19, 2010

By Thomas J. Walsh
For PlanPhilly

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What's next in Foxwoods saga?

Jan. 20, 2010

By Kellie Patrick Gates and Thomas J. Walsh
For PlanPhilly

Judgment Day approaches for Foxwoods…

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Delaware River Waterfront Corporation

DRWC Board of Directors Meeting

Delaware Waterfront News - Week of Jan. 11

Race Street Pier gets a slice of river life

CDAG briefed on waterfront planning

RFP issued for Pier 53 a one-acre parcel behind the Sheet Metal Workers building on the river side of Delaware Avenue at Columbus Boulevard.

A year of challenges and highlights for CDAG. The Central Delaware Advocacy Group has just finished its first year as an independent entity.

City Hall Must Amend the Waterfront Zoning Overlay

This is a request to all of NABR’s supporters to help us advocate for good waterfront development. NABR has been working through the Central Delaware Advisory Group (CDAG) to add essential amendments to Councilman DiCicco's interim zoning overlay legislation for the Central Delaware. This is the legislation that will regulate development and public access along the river until the Master Plan is in place. We are particularly advocating for:

  • A 100' setback from the edge of the river.

NABR Testimony to the Philadelphia City Planning Commission

Longtime NABR and urban planning expert, Shawn Rairigh, recently presented the following testimony to the Philadelphia City Planning Commission at their May monthly meeting.

PCPC Meeting, May 19, 2009
NABR Testimony presented by Shawn Rairigh


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